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Compliance Medical Mfg., Inc.
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Provo, UT 84603


Company History

In early 1987, Ken Lee, a Paramedic from Carlsbad, California, set out to make a better tourniquet. One that wouldn't tear the fingers off your latex gloves. The Dispos-A-Tourn was the answer, it was an easy to use, low-cost tourniquet.

Ken was not yet finished. A short time later, he came up with the Head-On System.

In the fall of 1988, the Dispos-O-Bag was introduced. After exceptional response, Ken added head straps to the Dispos-O-Bag, creating the Head-On System. This was the beginning of the Head-On System Family.

By 1991, the demand for the disposables was continuing to grow. Compliance Medical recognized the demand and the desire for quality disposable products. We have developed a complete line of disposable products and will continue to update our product line.

The Head-On System Family is now in its 19th year and will continue to provide you with any disposable needs you may have.

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